How do cats come to Blue Bell?

We provide continuing care to cats whose owners can no longer care for them. Preference is given to cats Blue Bell Kitty Keller  Lounges on a comfy bedcoming to us via wills, trusts or estate plans designating cats to come to Blue Bell to live out the remainder of their lives.

Do you accept kittens?

Because we focus on the behavioral and medical management of age-related changes in senior cats, we limit our sanctuary to senior cats.

Do you take strays or feral cats?

Our cats live in a cage-free community and the cats that come to us are companion cats in every sense of the term.  Feral cats are not generally amenable to a confined, home care environment.

Can I place my cat at Blue Bell now even though I have not designated placement in my estate plan?

As space permits, we may take senior cats, who meet certain health and behavioral criteria at the time of placement.  Please contact us to determine if your senior cat is eligible for immediate placement.

Will my cat be eligible for adoption?

Unless specifically designated by you at the time your cat enters Blue Bell, your cat will remain with us to live out their life in peace, safety and comfort.

My cat only needs a temporary placement or foster situation.  Do you provide that service?

Acclimating a new resident cat into our community of cats is a carefully monitored process and due to the space requirements and time related acclimation process we cannot provide temporary placement, fostering or accept cats for boarding.