Lifetime Care


You take loving care of your cat…but will she have a happy, safe, healthy and permanent home when you can no longer provideVolunteer Bimali and Keller for her?  Or will you risk having her taken to a shelter by friends, relatives or authorities who can’t, or won’t, provide the commitment you want?  Virtually every animal shelter gets urgent calls when a cat owner has suddenly died or can no longer care for their cat.  You love your cat and you don’t want to leave her in that situation.


Blue Bell Cat Retirement Sanctuary… A forever home in a sunny, attractive environment where your cat will get individualized care in a cats-only haven where all of the residents are permanent.  We don’t board animals nor do we adopt out any of our resident cats—everyone is a family member!  Currently, about 50 felines are enjoying their golden years at Blue Bell.  The concept is “cottage care” --a home environment that’s cozy and intimate much like the one your cat lives in now.

Since 1987, Blue Bell has provided countless cat owner’s peace of mind by assuring them their cat will have a safe, clean, healthy and loving home…forever!   Blue Bell was founded in the 1960s by Bertha Gray Yergat who opened her cat boarding facility located in her home and provided temporary housing to both owned and stray cats.  She doted on her cats, taking pride in the spotless conditions and friendly atmosphere she provided.  Bertha bequeathed her home as a permanent retirement “country club” for cats.

At Blue Bell you will find:

    • A cozy home nestled on spacious property in Laguna Beach.
    • Cats live totally cage-free in an immaculate indoor/outdoor home amid beautiful gardens.
    • Plenty of running and exercise room indoors as well as on our expansive screened-in patios.
    • Separate housing for special-needs cats.
    • Warm and snug sleeping baskets, beds and cat trees.
    • Lots of hiding places, perching places and toys.
    • High quality food, both dry and canned, water bowls, water fountains and special diets (if required).
    • 24-hour health care available from our dedicated veterinarians.
    • Skilled staff and loving volunteers tending to your cat’s needs.