Philosophy of Care

To address all health and behavioral needs of senior cats in a compassionate and professional environment

When caring for our cats at Blue Bell, we look at each one and assess its individual and complete needs: physical, emotional  and Philosophy of Caremental. Those needs start with a healthy, enriching and engaging environment, regardless of the animal’s stage in life.  We understand that their needs are different from ours:  they are cats and we respect them as such.  We also understand that every species is different and every individual within a species is unique. Our 30 plus years working with, caring for and studying these complex creatures enable us to provide cutting-edge care for each cat.

Blue Bell’s routine care begins with hands-on attention from our skilled staff, volunteers and health professionals.   There is separate housing for special needs cats; high quality food and special diets if required; totally cage-free living in a meticulously clean environment; 24-hour health care available from our dedicated veterinarians.  In addition, every cat gets a regular check-up and blood work at least once a year, along with shots, medications, surgery and dental care.  Each cat is weighed once a week or more often , if needed.

We have created an environment that is both peaceful and stimulating:  lots of beds and platforms that they can rest on;  many open  rooms with smaller, cozy hiding places;  food and water bowls placed throughout; lots of toys; and completely screened-in patios that ring the exterior.  These patios give the cats sweeping views of the grounds and gardens which are habitats for birds, butterflies, bees and beautiful flowers.

Because we have always cared for older cats (12 years and above), we have become highly skilled at  recognizing, diagnosing and treating age-related illnesses such as renal insufficiency, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other maladies associated with senior cats.  All of these routine care treatments are administered  with no additional charges.

RuckasBlue Bell is committed to keeping your cat healthy and happy.   For a gravely ill animal, we follow the renowned “pawspice” approach that  allows us  to increase survival time, ensure quality of life, relieve pain and recognize when it’s time to say good-bye. We continue to provide them with a peaceful home where they are surrounded with caring and familiar friends, both human and feline. Euthanasia is only considered if a good quality of life cannot be sustained. Our Quality of Life Policy Committee consists of four people who are very familiar with your cat: the veterinarian, the director, a staff member and a volunteer. They will evaluate each situation to determine if a reasonable quality of life can be restored or maintained.  When making “care” decisions, we always ask ourselves: “What would I
want if this were my cat?”  By following our experience, our training and our hearts, we feel we can reach the right conclusion.