Half PintHalf-Pint passed away last week. He was only 8 years old and came to the Blue Bell with his four siblings,Half Pint Snowball, Pumpkin, Keller and Teddie. Last year he had exploratory surgery for a mass in his abdomen that ended up being inoperable. He had been doing well with an occasional flare up we had been able to control, but had recently been vomiting blood clots and so it was decided to do another surgery to try and remove the mass. When Dr. Alcala performed the surgery the previous mass was gone and appeared to have been reabsorbed but there were numerous lesions inside him and she decided it was best for his quality of life to put him to sleep while he was still under anesthesia.

Half-Pint, or HP as I called him was very shy and afraid of new people. Using treats, toys, catnip and lots of patience we became quick friends. He loved to play with feather wand toys and was quite the acrobat. He loved to roll around the floor in piles of catnip and would sit and beg for treats from my back pocket.

My last memory of HP is one I will treasure… I played with him using his favorite wand toy, gave him catnip and treats and then spent almost 40 minutes brushing him and giving him chin scratches and belly rubs as he sprawled on his side and back in the sunshine in the windowsill.

I will miss you, my handsome HP!!