BLue Bell Cottage - Artist Rendering

Blue Bell Cottage and Gardens

Homelike cat retirement sanctuary nestled in the beautiful foothills of Laguna Canyon in Laguna Beach.

My Story



When I lost my “mommy” after her battle with dementia, I felt so alone.  A couple of nice guys came to feed me, clean my little box and make sure I was OK. After my mommy died, I was so sad and kind of scared not knowing what was going to happen to me, that I hid from them under my mommy’s bed.  She loved me so much and I really loved her.  I made her happy even when she wasn’t feeling good, and now I had no one to love or to make happy.

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Blue Bell Gardens

BLue Bell Flowers

Enhance • Preserve • Educate

Installation of the first four gardens (Canyon Road, The Orchard, Birdhouse Village and Blue & White Floral) is underway.  Our goal is to have these gardens fully planted by the end of the year.

This first phase was made possible by our generous benefactors.  

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