My Story - Boots (continued)

And wow do they have great blankets here! I love to take my paws and squish blankets around, kind of into a big ball, especially the big red blanket because it’s really soft. People call it “making biscuits.”  I don’t know what that means, but I don’t care — I love to make biscuits! Most of my new friends are older than me because I’m only seven.  My mom found me when I was about six-weeks-old and really little, just over a pound!  That’s hard to believe now because I’m big!  I’m fifteen pounds! That’s ‘cause I like to eat. The people they call volunteers really like me because I’m fun to snuggle and play with.  All I know is that it’s fun to be here with all these nice people and new cat friends.  My mom would be so happy knowing that I’m doing great here at Blue Bell even though I miss her.

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