My Story - Rusty (continued)

I actually heard one of these guys say that I was her only joy in life葉hat made me feel pretty special. Then I heard the nice guys who fed me say they would make sure I would be taken care of and have lots of new friends. After roughing it in hiding for a month, lots of friends sounded pretty cool容specially since I知 so outgoing and affectionate. They said I would be living at Blue Bell in Laguna Canyon, and that sounded even better! I wasn稚 sure what Blue Bell was, but new friends and living in a canyon sounded like just what I needed to help me not be sad anymore. Well, I知 here to say that since I moved to Blue Bell, I now have lots of cat and people friends! My new home has these neat little enclosed patios and a bigger one so I can get sunshine and see birds and lizards who also live in the canyon. I still sometimes miss my mommy, but I知 not sad anymore!