Sammy, dear, sweet Sammy............ In 2000, I found you wandering around my front door as a stray and took you in my arms. Your instant purr melted my heart and I couldn't leave you out there to fend for yourself. I brought you in to join my 'cat' family and you bonded with your new brother, Majik. Unfortunately you did not get along with your new brother, Max, so I took you to the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats to live out the rest of your life. I was lucky it was close by and I could come and visit you and continue to give you your much loved belly rubs!! The way you would stretch out your arms during those belly rubs was adorable. You were so friendly with everyone and the staff and volunteers there adored you. Through the years you battled several illnesses and other health issues, proving once again that you planned to live out all of your nine lives!!! You continued to be so loving and purring so loudly, even the last time I came and visited you and held you in my arms..... This time the cancer was too hard and it was time for you to be set free, to run and jump and play and purr once again beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, my sweet darling, Sammy... You brought such joy to so many people who will surely miss you.......... I hope you get lots of belly rubs............

Love forever, Mom