Longtime resident Shiva, 19, came in 2002. She was in our upper house until she developed bladder stones and became overweight. She was moved to our TLC Anderson-Wentzel house so she could start a special diet to control both. The stones did clear, though she was always a bit plump. Shiva was unique and could be temperamental (especially with the other cats), equally loving, but at times a bit grouchy. She loved her sun porch and visits from people. In her final months she began to lose weight and was diagnosed with severe progressive kidney disease. She was at the vet for almost a week with supportive care which included warm baths. We were all hoping she could return to Blue Bell, but it was not to be. She became disoriented and vomiting blood. Shiva died November 29, 2015 with Joyce and Dr. Jen at her side.