Campaign for Blue Bell

The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats has a rich history as Orange County’s first retirement cat sanctuary.  Our challenge today is to take the strategic steps necessary to fulfill our Mission in perpetuity and realize our Vision for the future.

The Campaign for Blue Bell is a ten-year, $3,300,000 fundraising initiative to address critical short term needs and substantially strengthen our endowment to guarantee Blue Bell’s long-term future.

Campaign Goals

Community Cat Fund ($50,000)

The Community Cat Fund underwrites cost of lifetime care for senior-aged, un-adoptable cats accepted from local animal shelters.

Structure Renovation Projects ($200,000)

The original 1941-vintage Bertha Yergat Cottage—which is the primary residence for out cats—is in dire need of renovation, safety and security and energy efficiency upgrades.  The Anderson-Wentzel House, which provides transitional housing for new resident cats, and areas for special needs cats also requires several upgrades to increase safety and security and to optimize space utilization.

Blue Bell Gardens Beautification Project ($50,000)

Plans are underway to transform our gardens into a beautiful canyon oasis that attracts birds and butterflies, enhances local flora and fauna and preserves precious natural resources.  Once completed horticultural and wildlife educational tours will be offered to local Laguna Beach School children.

Endowment  ($3,000,000)

Our ambition is to grow Blue Bell’s endowment by $3,000,000 over the next ten years to reach the level needed to serve future generations of cat owners and their senior cats in perpetuity. 

For more information about how you can support the Campaign, please contact Susan Hamil (714-325-4930,