Sammy Palmer

Sammy PalmerI am sorry to tell you that our sweet Sammy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, August 14th.

Sammy was one of Dorothy Palmer's cats, and arrived in March, 2016 with Boots, Baby, Sally (brown tabby), Suzy, Big Boy, and Little Guy.

He had an ultrasound in January and was diagnosed with probable GI lymphoma. He had been relatively stable and despite continued weight loss, he was active and eating well until this past Saturday. On Sunday though, he became quiet and wouldn't each very much and he declined from there.

Rima and Jenna took him out into the gardens on Tuesday and Wednesday and he enjoyed exploring. By the end of Wednesday though, he had no interest in food at all and just wanted to sit outside on the patio. When I went to check on him in the late afternoon, his breathing was more labored and it was decided that the kindest thing for him, would be to let him go. Adam came and spent time with him, which he had also done with Fuzzy at the end. I took him to Canyon and met Susan and Dr. Hamil and he crossed peacefully.

He was such a gentle cat and enjoyed head butts and treats and chicken, and in the past couple of months, he grew to be much more accommodating to sitting in people's laps and getting love for more than 30 seconds. He also enjoyed carrying toys around and crying out loud, which was the cutest thing ever.

We will miss you little buddy! Run in Paradise, sweet boy!