Last October Viola came to stay with us. Her mom had died of cancer 2 years ago and the lady's father had taken her in. Then he died last summer and the stepmom was moving somewhere and either couldn't take her or didn't want to, so Viola was flown down from San Francisco to stay with us.

She was a sweet loving beautiful girl. Long haired with the most beautiful green sparkly eyes you have ever seen!!! We got along right away. She was a senior cat and was quiet and liked to just sit and rest. I called her "V" or "Miss Viola". :)

She stayed in a suite of her own for the first week to get acclimated and I took her out one day and she just walked around checking out the place like she had been there forever. We moved her to the Upper House for a month but she didn't do well there -it's too big and she just stayed on the bunk bed and hardly ever came down. They did bloodwork in December and she was in kidney failure. We moved her back to the Lower House which is where I spend all my time working and the first day I took her outside to a ledge in the sun and put a covered bed there. Well that became her favorite spot!! She just loved the sun and would be there all day! :)

One day she just didn't look right. So I took her to Canyon. They said she was constipated and her body temp was low and they redid her bloodwork. They started her on IV fluids. They had warm IV fluids and hot packs but she was not warming up enough.

I went down to check on her Sunday, Mon, Tues and Wed after work and spent about an hour with her each day. She just layed in my arms and slept. She responded to me tho with her silent meow. Yesterday after work I went down and she was off the IV and responding much better, holding her head up and even meowing out loud for me. I took her out into the sun for a few minutes but the wind was cold. She sniffed the air and squinted into the sun.

Her bloodwork came back today and it was not good. Her kidneys were not responding, they could not regulate her body temp - she kept crawling off the hot packs they were putting in with her, and in addition to that, her liver was failing.

I stopped by Blue Bell and picked up her toy frog that came with her when she arrived, and the nice fuzzy warm blanket that was in her basket that she liked to sleep in. Went to the vets and talked to Dr. Alcala who is just so great and caring. She explained everything to me and showed me her #'s. She said if it was just her kidneys, she might put her back on IV fluids and see, but the liver was shutting down and her RBC's were very low, almost to the point of needing a blood transfusion. So I know it was the right thing to do so she did not suffer. I did not know it, but she was 17!! She lived a long life. I just wish there was more I could have done for her.

Dr. Alcala said she wasn't looking well but I could try and comfort her. One of the volunteers, Donna, had brought her cave bed the night before last and she was sleeping in it with her back to the front of the cage. I called her name and opened the cage and she turned and looked at me and meowed. She then turned around and slowly walked right out to me meowing a few times and looking at me.

I wrapped her in the blanket and took her out to my car. We stood in the fresh air for a few minutes and then got in the car and I reclined the seat and she lay on my chest and I talked to her and kissed her and scratched her ears and head and just loved her. She would look up at me every once in awhile and she was just softly purring away.

We sat in the car for about an hour and a half. It was a really overcast gloomy day but the sun started to peak out at one point and I took her out of the car and let her be in the sun for the brief moments it was out. I was waiting in the car for Donna, who wanted to be there too. She was late, which I was actually very glad about cuz it meant more time loving on V. She finally came around 12pm and we were talking and then the vet came out to see if we were ready. I got out of the car and right then the sun totally came out! I told her, "Look V! The sun came out just for you!!" So I stood with her facing the sun for the last time, telling her all the good things that were in store for her.

We took her in and Dr. Alcala gave her a sedative and a few minutes later after it had taken effect, she came in and we lay her on the table with her frog, that will be cremated with her, and said goodbye for the last time. It was quick, it was painless and she was gone. I stayed with her awhile longer and that was it.

I keep seeing her beautiful eyes in my head and I wish I had a pic of them!

Goodbye sweet Viola, Miss V.... I'm really going to miss you!!