BeauBeau passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in January. He was only 8 years old and had been at Blue Bell the majority of his life. He came to Blue Bell in October 2002 with Shiva.

He had the herpes virus so occasionally you would see him squinting but he was getting a daily supplement that kept it under control. He was acting fine and one evening Sarah went to the lower house for about 20 minutes, came back and he was lying on the floor in the main room with his head on towel that had fallen off a cat tree. She thought it an odd place for him to decide to sleep and she walked over to him and he was already gone. A necropsy showed what we had already guessed - a heart condition that had never presented any obvious symptoms.

We are saddened by his loss and yet at the same time, at peace with the fact that it happened so quickly and heBeau did not suffer.

Many volunteers have great memories from those last few days before his passing: playing with wand toys and brushings. He knew he was loved.

My favorite memories of Beau are playing with the rainbow wand toy - he was quite an acrobat for a big boy; in the summer he would sit IN the fountain on the patio and I oftentimes mistook him for the ceramic cat statue at the top of the pond; and how he loved to drink from the water pitcher as I poured fresh water into the clean bowls every morning when he lived in the Lower House.

Beau.... Beau-ee.... Beauregard...... Mr. Beau-jangles....
We will miss you, handsome boy!