CocoCoCo passed away after an inoperable mass in her throat had made it increasingly difficult for her to swallow and it was determined the most humane thing was to put her to sleep. She was 18 years old.

I nicknamed her “Pig Pen” because her sanitary habits while she was eating were less than exemplary. She would bury her face in the wet food without regard to it being all over her mouth and nose and then she would walk all around with food all over her face. She would eventually clean her face but it was typically at least an hour later. She was a tiny little thing but would be one of the first to the food dish and she just loved chicken!

She was an aloof cat, not letting you pick her up or brush her and when she needed medications for an occasional cold, it was quite the battle until we discovered the wonders of a Pill Pocket stuck on the back of a treat! If she didn’t know you, she would let you get just close enough – within arm’s reach – to almost touch her and then she would trot off. She trusted Donna the most and she would let her brush her and pet her a little, but it was always on CoCo’s terms. She was a longhaired cat and because of her aversion to being held and groomed we would have to give her a lion cut 1-2 times per year, which made her look even cuter.

I will miss her prancing/trotting gait as she strutted around the patios, her almost silent meow as she begged for food and her face full of food.

You will be missed little Pig Pen!