PatchesLittle Patches passed away after battling kidney disease for several years. A pretty little longhaired calico, Patches was 17 and came to Blue Bell with her “twin” sister Mitts, who passed away a few years ago and Baby, who still lives in the Upper House.

When she was younger, she had surgery on her back leg and for some reason the bone ended up withering andPatches caused her to have a little hopping, goosestep walk. She loved being held and cradled like a baby while you walked around the patio. She also loved chin scratches and brushing and of course chicken!

For such a small cat, she had the loudest, most persistent meow when she wanted your attention to give her food. Feed me – NOWWWWW! J And strong! She could clamp her mouth shut like a vice when it was time for meds. And attitude! After fluids, she would run to the other side of the room and turn around and give me a glare that could burn a hole right through me. But she was forgiving and an hour later she would be next to me wanting love and chin scratches and a treat.

The Lower House will not be the same without her.